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Your things are important! The way you store them should be, too!

When it comes to storing the things in your life that are important, considering how you want to store them can be overwhelming, and depending on the option your choose, can either provide a great value for you, or cause you to lose time and money.

Do your research, and compare us to national brand sheds that you might find at the big chain home improvement stores. when you look at quality of build, and getting your shed placed on your property, you will find that the value in a Portable Storage Northwest shed is obvious. We have low overhead, and we pass that savings on to you. Our sheds are built like a home, with the same materials, so it makes sense that our sheds will last for years on end.

Here's why I care about this! (Hint: It's about dollars and 'sense')

My story is a lesson learned about human nature, and the moral to this story is... don't do what I did!

When my parents passed, over a decade ago, I put their things into a storage unit close to where they lived (over an hour from where I lived), thinking that it would only be for about a year. Well, a funny thing happened (ok, not really)... Ten years and over $12,000 wasted dollars later, I ended up moving everything over to a 10'x16' used Portable Storage Northwest shed that I purchased. Yes, I wasted time and dollars. Had I purchased a storage shed initially, I would have saved money, and hours of time that I spent going to and from the storage unit that I rented. Lesson learned for sure. Don't make the same mistake. Make your storage your own, on your own terms, on your own property, in a shed built to last!

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