Portable Storage for Seattle Home or Business 

Be it due to a large number of belongings which have been accumulated over the years or an ongoing renovation or remodel project, property owners in Seattle often end up struggling to stay organized.   

With no space outside the property to store them safely and no room within the home or office to store them in a manner where they won’t obstruct passage, there are limited options available.

However, the installation of portable storage (storage sheds, storage buildings) can provide residential and commercial property owners in Seattle with the exact solution to their storage woes.

Many a time, Seattle residents face a problem with personal items that are used infrequently and need to be stored for long periods of time. Allowing you to maintain the safety and security of your belongings while enjoying its other benefits, a portable storage (storage sheds, storage buildings) unit is the solution for the additional storage needs of Seattle home and business owners.


Storage Sheds for Seattle Equipment, Tools & More!

The portable storage (storage sheds, storage buildings) options available from Portable Storage Northwest are the perfect storage solution, bringing residential and commercial property owners in Seattle a storage facility which can be useful in a variety of ways:

  •  Extra space is available for those staying in space – limited and rented accommodations
  •  Storage space used for storing holiday decorations like yard ornaments & lights
  •  These sheds are easily customizable into a variety of uses like tool sheds and gyms
  •  Vehicular storage for boats, snowmobiles, motorbikes and RV’s 
  •  The portability of these sheds makes their relocation as easy as it can be
  •  An efficient business paperwork storage option and unused equipment storage
  •  A shed can also be a great place to host an informal get together or a backyard cookout


Storage Buildings for Permanent or Temporary Storage 

Home and business property owners in Seattle who are running short of space on their property should consider storage buildings for temporary or permanant storage.  Temporary storage buildings will give you the space you need to finish the renovation or remodel project.  

Permanent storage buildings will keep your yard equipment, infrequently used household items or recreational equipment safe and secure.  Seattle homeowners can also use this extra space for storage and workspace for hobbies and weekend projects.

Give us a call and see how cost effective it is to have your very own portable storage (storage sheds, storage buildings) sheds installed within 48 hours.

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